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You are skinny as well. Are you anorexic? Alexis Worker Bee.

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One of the comments, verbatim - so excuse some of the errors: They are only objects to display the clothes. And these clothes are meant to be works of art. By making the forcing models to have realistic bodie shapes, clothes might not suit these girls and then that is ruining a piece of art. By forcing the fashion industry into having realistic models your putting boundries on a region of art.

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Think of these girls mearly as racks to display it. However, I find some parts to sound quite dehumanizing. What do you girls think? Should we view and regard models exclusively as objects? Picture rainbow-colored zigzag sweater vests paired with bouffant patterned blouses and baby doll skirts. Picture three-piece costumes coming alive — but in the most eclectic kind of ways. Better yet, picture prints and patterns coming together to create a whirlpool of colors and icons. Bold, yet incredibly elegant — kind of what Louis Vuitton is all about.

Speaking of, the leggy models sported a very blaze look, one that might have alluded to a certain nonchalance.

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Very clothes pivovarova the other hand were beautifully mixed sasha matched — think a black blazer and a matching skirt with a pop of dashing red shoes or even knee-high green leather boots. Structured shoulders and lavish golden details were part of the whole retro ordeal, alongside a series of fur-lined leather gilets.

But nothing could ever compare to the high-slit midi skirts that revealed luscious ruffles on the knees. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Please enter an young address. Thank you. Invalid Email.

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All fields are required. Mirella Haddad. Studied art at the St. Petersburg art institute and even hosted her own exhibit in New York City.

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Anna Selezneva: Has psychology degree from Moscow State University. Cindy Crawford: Studied chemical engineering at Northwestern University before dropping out to pursue modeling. Studied political science at the University of Nairobi and speaks five languages.

Cameron Russell: Studied economics and political science at Columbia University, graduating with honours.